Thursday, June 4, 2015

New Plan

1. Do a stock take - what needs to be done
2. Prioritise

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Extension to my extension of original extension to Building Consent Compliance

2015 and I have just applied for yet another extension. The depressing thing is that despite the time, energy and most importantly money begged, borrowed and....well I've drawn the line here, my brand new kitchen totally flooded in the rain that hit Dunedin last night. There's so much water I am no longer certain about where the entry point is and I'm afraid to go in because of possible electrical damage.

Despite what I have said in previous blogs, I need to retract every positive thing I ever said about the building contractor that did the work on my house. Every time I have someone in to work on the house, they point out yet another mistake cowboy Steve did. Oh I so wish I had chosen a master builder!

I am at the point where I literally don't know what to do next. I am so busy working to make enough money for the next 'repair' job that I don't have time to do the repair. It is a never ending cycle with no light at the end of the tunnel to guide me. It seems that now I will have to demolish the entire, brand new,  kitchen extension (thank you so much Steve, you're an arsehole) and begin again. If you are ever going to use this builder, please contact me first - I will happily fill you in on the vast extent of his incompetency. I have now invested so much money in this project that it is over capitalised and I will never recoup my investment. Should I just pack up and walk away?

What to do, what to do?

Apply to put kitchen in upstairs, then remove the extension and start again from scratch? Move the kitchen into the dining room instead? Where is just a tiny little bit of luck when you need it most!

Going to go read books about home renovations. Are there any out there written by middle aged, alternative lifestyle,  free spirited women with no money or building and renovating skills? I would so like to read your story.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Prep for new kitchen door

Steven cutting channel for electric cables in kitchen

 I am in awe of Steven and Ryan....they're amazing! I'm struggling to just get my head around what they're able to achieve! Despite my constant anxiety attacks and moments (okay, hours) of self doubt, I am so grateful to be surrounded by professionals who know what they're doing, are good at it and are supremely patient with their nightmare of a client!

Today - ongoing plumbing and running of electrical cables. Work on new kitchen.

New footing for new kitchen wall (folding glass doors)
I have been researching painting of claw foot bath and came across another blog "Old Stone House" which had a really helful step-by-step guide to restoring clawfoot baths. I also walked to every lighting shop in Dunedin to choose light fittings (still no further ahead) and plumbing shops to choose heated towel rail. One minute I am bemoaning the fact that we have so few choices here in NZ, and the next complaining that there are too many choices and how on earth am I to decide?

Channels cut (technical word for this?) & footings dug out
The day ended at midnight (funnily enough), with a skype to my brother without whom I am quite sure my head would quite literally explode! He talked through shower issues and lighting issues with me but was mainly just a sounding board for me to vent! If you are about to embark on a project like this, I highly recommend finding someone thats willing to listen to you blather on about the pros and cons of every single aspect of your project!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Removing concrete pad

Another hive of activity today. Electrical work continues. Ed (? plumbing, has been removing old hot water cylinder and replacing with new etc. Concrete cutter cut up the concrete pad which was removed (Steve kept a block for me as a memento :)

Removing concrete pad

Electricals & old hotwater cylinder
New hot water cylinder in place

Monday, January 7, 2013

Out with the old kitchen!

It has been a mad house here today - builders, electricians and plumber all onsite. The builder finished repair to the crack in the bathroom wall, removed ceiling t&g in the hallway to the bathroom and demolished the exterior kitchen wall. The electrician worked on first fix of electricals.

I haven't added captions as they're all self explanatory.

I so wish I was enjoying the process more but I'm afraid I'm finding it a nightmare. Literally nothing is easy.

The electricians Aaron and Cory (Apollo Electricians) are just fantastic ! easy to talk to and very understanding. They've made some very sensible suggestions that should be done and we agreed to finish the job as quoted and then start afresh with the new stuff, which will include: extra lighting in laundry corridor, a light in the cupboard under the stairs, an outdoor plug just outside the kitchen so I can run outdoor lighting later on, and a light switch inside the front door so I don't have to walk across the room, killing myself on obstacles in the dark, to switch the light on from the opposite door.

I chose switch and plug fittings today but then changed my mind when my friend pointed out that they looked like a bird. Now every time I look at them, thats what I'll see (thanks Kirk!). So.... back to the drawing board. I am quite liking the same brand though (Schneider Electric), just a different that doesn't look quite so bird like :)


I am soooo out of my depth! I don't even know how to read the plans properly as yet. I don't know what is included and what is extra. I don't know what I am supposed to decide upon and what has already been specified and how to know how and when to have an input and when I don't need to!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A wasted weekend

I had great plans for the weekend - in addition to researching and designing, I was going to do a lot of paint stripping and sanding. Alas, I have done nothing at all :(

I'm having second thoughts about paving the courtyard. I want to be able to grow vegetables and the idea of using a low growing grass instead, so that I can have raised vege beds is very appealing. It raises the question of whether I have to have the sump pump if I don't pave? Nothing is easy! And of course I'm gonna lay paving stones - just don't want to have any regrets so have to explore every possibility!